Former Client References

I have been very impressed by the legal services of Mr. Fitzpatrick . I contacted him at 6 am after getting a call that my daughter was in jail charged with a felony. He answered the phone and was right on it! Within a few hours, he visited her in jail, advised her and got back to me. As an anxious mother, I called him many times that day to check on progress. He either answered the phone or called me back within a few minutes. I felt completely supported by him in this terrible time. He even helped to arrange a discount on bail. He is extremely competent having been a public defender for many years. He really knows what he is doing! When we met with him after her release on bail, I was happy to meet a wonderful human being who actually cares. He reassured us and thought that the case would be dismissed. It was! He is even following up to have the arrest expunged from her records. He ended up charging us less than expected (thank you!). I would highly recommend him to anyone facing criminal charges. In the world of lawyers, this one can be trusted. Thank You, Peter!!! Kay S.

I needed help, quickly…I found myself arrested and in a dire situation. I’ve never needed an attorney before and I chose Peter because of his Yelp review. I felt apprehensive about using someone just from a Yelp review but after meeting him, I knew I could trust him during this most stressful times of my life. He walked my wife and I through the entire experience. Not only was he exceptional, smart, detailed and thorough, but an extremely kind and patient man to both myself and my wife. He told us what to expect, keep my head down and power through, trust him and he’d give one hundred and fifty percent and that’s exactly what he did. Negotiations were out of the question because I was innocent, and also any plea would have resulted in the loss of my nursing license. We were forced to go to trial on five felony charges, including hate crime allegations. After three days of deliberations, the jury found me not guilty of four felony charges and a hung
(11-1) for not guilty on the fifth. Hiring Pete to represent me was the best decision I have made in my life. Thanks for everything, Pete. My family and I owe you! If you call this man, expect only 150%. That’s all he’s got in him and he gives it freely. God bless you man and thanks again. David W

What criteria was I looking for in a lawyer?

Simple – ONE THAT CAN WIN. Lawyers can try to sound as smart as they want and speak while using fancy sounding Latin words, but at the end of the day, ALL THAT MATTERS IS RESULTS. Peter’s philosophy was the same and he proved it by WINNING MY CASE.

What do I think was it about Peter that enabled him to win my case?

***He is highly thoughtful and strategic in his approach***

-Most lawyers that I’ve known and met are just there to process paperwork and take your money. Peter proposed and executed a dual track strategy that allowed me to protect my downside so that I wouldn’t lose anything, while simultaneously executing on an upside strategy to win a superior judgment in my case. Said differently, he knows how to play an excellent defense with a killer offense.

***He is logical and articulate***

-He’s able to take complex situations, evidence and circumstances, and generate highly logical arguments that makes it very difficult for the opposing party or judge to disagree with. Also, when explaining highly complex arguments, it’s very important to be articulate or else people will get lost, and he didn’t have that problem at all.

***He actually reads and reviews your case***

-Don’t you hate it when people come to a meeting without reviewing or reading anything you’ve sent them, ask you a bunch of dumb questions that they should already know the answer to, then after you answer their dumb questions, they sit there pontificating like they’re figuring out the meaning of life, and eventually say some surface level and superficial crap. Yea I do too. He came to every meeting and court date highly prepared and well versed on all the points and counter points he wanted to make.

***He wants to win***

– Sounds cliche, but the point is this, you can’t pay someone enough money to actually care, that’s just a personality characteristic. Peter is someone who takes these cases personally and legitimately wants to win.

***He calls you back or responds to your email within 24 hours***

– I swear to god his response time is ridiculous. In our multi-month engagement, he has always responded within 24 hours GUARANTEED, that was shocking. Most lawyers, they’ll call you back quick when they want to win your business and disappear once you’ve signed. Peter maintained that level of response the entire time we were working together. In most cases, he responded back to me within 1-2 hours.

In summary, I can’t recommend Peter enough. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m often times a difficult person to please because I hold people to an extremely high bar. I’m giving Peter 5 stars, which is not me being generous or nice – he legitimately earned every star, my respect and my business. Mike S.

Peter called me back before I even finished leaving a message. He spoke clearly, communication was clean, human, friendly, non intimidating and one phone call later to the court and we were done. He knows the system, knows San Fran courts and to be honest I wasn’t sure I wanted to trust Yelp (where I found him) for a lawyer. It proved to be fantastic. Mary R.

Peter is a great lawyer. Going into the situation, my boyfriend thought he was facing a misdemeanor. The day before court, we found out that it was now a felony charge. In such a stressful moment, he was very patient in explaining what was about to happen. Peter was able to bring it back down to a misdemeanor, and in the end, got the entire case dismissed. Anna R.

how will I describe peter Fitzpatrick ??? “only the best criminal defense lawyer” I was facing felony charges for criminal treats, not only did he get it lower to a misdemeanor he got the case dismiss. I also had a stay away order do to this case and he got this taken away too. peter has the highest respect from all other attorney’s he made me feel comfort on hard times always re assuring me thinks will work out and at the end he was right, that’s why I know peter is the best criminal defense lawyer and reasonable prices. god forbid I will ever need a lawyer again but if I do I will not think twice to hire peter Fitzpatrick, ones again. thank you peter Fitzpatrick for all you hard work. Luis P.