I needed help, quickly…I found myself arrested and in a dire situation. I’ve never needed an attorney before and I chose Peter because of his Yelp review. I felt apprehensive about using someone just from a Yelp review but after meeting him, I knew I could trust him during this most stressful times of my life. He walked my wife and I through the entire experience. Not only was he exceptional, smart, detailed and thorough, but an extremely kind and patient man to both myself and my wife. He told us what to expect, keep my head down and power through, trust him and he’d give one hundred and fifty percent and that’s exactly what he did. Negotiations were out of the question because I was innocent, and also any plea would have resulted in the loss of my nursing license. We were forced to go to trial on five felony charges, including hate crime allegations.

After three days of deliberations, the jury found me not guilty of four felony charges and a hung (11-1) for not guilty on the fifth. Hiring Pete to represent me was the best decision I have made in my life. Thanks for everything, Pete. My family and I owe you! If you call this man, expect only 150%. That’s all he’s got in him and he gives it freely. God bless you man and thanks again. David W